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"It's always good to have some family pictures"

Exactly one year ago this is what Angele said. Her brother's 25 year wedding anniversary was happening that day and I did not really feel like dressing up. The kids were asked to take part in the little ceremony they planned so I gave in. We all dressed up, got there early, and spent some time taking pictures as a family. Thankfully... since those are the last pictures we have of the four of us together.

She was already in quite some pain at that moment, but looking back at that day she was so happy and content! In the morning she gave one of her motivational speeches, and in the afternoon we did a little photoshoot, then the ceremony and a party. Dancing with the kids, ignoring the pain, like there was no tomorrow!

Later that evening, when the kids were getting really tired, she asked if it'd be ok if she could stay a bit longer with her family while I would put the kids to bed. "I don't know if I'm able to do this again anytime soon" she said.

Two days later we got confirmation of her brain tumors, two weeks later she was in so much pain she could barely move, one month later she was in intensive care fighting for her life.

It is hard and heartbreaking looking back at this. But also so beautiful. She was not afraid of anything, radiated energy and positivity, trying to live life to the fullest despite (actually probably thanks to) knowing it could turn around at any point.

One of the many life lessons she tried to teach us all. Live in the now, be happy, despite whatever circumstance you are in. Try to make the best of it and live!

Easier said then done, but she did it. I am trying, and at times succeeding better than others. At least I now can finally say I got myself properly moving again. You can't sit around and wait for life to happen, you have to make it happen!

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