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My name is Angele. I am a motivational speaker, yoga enthusiast, wife to an amazingly supportive husband and a mum to two wonderful little human beings. 

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer which started my wonderful healing journey.  I went from being bed bound to feeling healthy and full of life again. I now would like to help others positively change their lives. I hope to inspire people to change from a place of happiness rather than of a place of suffering. 

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My Story

My first encounter with cancer came just weeks after I gave birth to my first child. With a three-week-old baby in my arms I sat at the doctor’s office listening to him telling me that they found malicious cells in my breast that needed to be removed. After several inconclusive tests, I was asked to stop breastfeeding my daughter as my lactating breasts were making it difficult for the radiologists to see the full picture of what was going on. With some resistance I stopped breastfeeding and waited for several months to have my breast clear the lactating activity.

In the meantime, I was blessed with a second pregnancy and even though the surgeons offered to treat me while pregnant, I have refused. I was not willing to put my unborn child at risk in any way. Four months after giving birth to my second child, I had a check up and I was told that my cancer has progressed to stage 2 breast cancer.

I was against conventional therapy at the time as I knew quite well the long list of negative side effects that all types of therapies offered carried with them. I therefore decided to try and heal myself using natural methods. I changed my diet, I started an exercise regiment, I did several kinds of alternative healing methodologies. I realized in hindsight that I was putting enormous pressure on myself both physically and emotionally, but I was holding on to the idea that something outside of me could simply heal me.

In January 2022,  I started to feel rib pain and went to emergency as it got so bad that I could  barely breath. I was told that my cancer has metastasized to my bones. Upon further tests it turned out that my cancer had spread wild through my body and went to several other organs. From the time of diagnosis to the time when I started treatment (6 weeks) I began to fade away fast. I couldn't eat, couldn't walk, couldn't sit, was unable to readjust my position in bed. I was in daily excruciating pain and completely bed bound. Medically speaking the oncologist estimated that at best I had two years of life left if the treatment was successful.

At that point the sky fell over me! I just felt that two years were simply not enough time for me to do what I want to do in life. I had so many more dreams to accomplish and so many reasons to live! I wanted a bigger family, to visit family in Australia and in the Netherlands, to be there for the important milestones of my wonderful children, I wanted to walk in nature and drink coffee with my good friends. I wanted to enjoy meals at a table with my family and maybe watch a movie on a lazy Sunday night. I wanted to walk my kids to school and be there after their day so that they can tell me about all the fun they had. I wanted to live for the big things but also for the smallest of things.

I therefore went in search of other possibilities for myself. I discovered the art of Neuroscience, specifically, Neuroplasticity, which explores our brain's ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experiences. I started to understand that I could change this around for myself. The most important realisation of all was that this change will have to come from within. I do not need any guru or healer; I just needed to take control of my own life and of my thoughts.

It has now been 10 months since my diagnosis. The treatment as the doctors put it “has worked exceptionally well” on me. I am fully mobile again – I practice yoga, I meditate, I take care of myself fully and care for my family! I believe that my inner force has contributed greatly to this result. I am now determined to help other people manifest the life of their dreams using the power within!


I always like to hear from you. Let me know how I can inspire you on your life journey! 

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