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What about the children?

Today I wanted to share an update on two things regarding children: details on a fundraiser for an education fund for Jessie and Tobias, and a bit of an explainer on the role of the over 50 children that so far will be attending the celebration of Angele's life.

First, the celebration. On 26 August we will be celebrating Angele's life outdoors in Mosta. As I mentioned before, all children are welcome, and so far over 50 children have been registered to be attending!!

The children will be entertained in a separate area a bit away from where the "main" activities will take place. They will be there with carers, their own snacks and drinks, and activities to keep them busy.

One of the activities would be to make drawings which if they want they can place near or on the coffin at some point during the celebration. If you'd rather have your child to not take part in this just let the carers know. There are no obligations, no expectations, and only bring your children if you want them to. Everyone is more than welcome, but don't feel obliged, do what feels right for you!

Then with regards to Jessie and Tobias' education fund. You can find more information in the link below. Since the birth of both our kids, Angele and I had lots of ideas and discussions about the education for them. One of the things we were envisioning is to have them play outside as much as possible, not inside a classroom all day at a young age. I finally found something, and I managed to actually share the plan with Angele just over 2 weeks ago. The smile on her face, the pure joy she tried to express was amazing. So I will do whatever needs to be done to make sure Jessie and Tobias can join this. For them and for her.

I hope to see you next week in Mosta!

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