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Two weeks

Two weeks. A lot can happen in two weeks.

Two weeks ago, we found out about the tumors in Angele's brain. Two weeks ago we started our fundraiser. Two weeks ago Angele was still running around, and dancing with our children!

And today I am a bag of mixed emotions. Gratitude for the enormous amount of support and help we received from everywhere. Family, friends, random strangers from all over the world. Gratitude and amazement for reaching 24 thousand euro in our fundraiser, which most likely makes it possible to go to not only one but two retreats which gives Angele an even better chance of overcoming this!

But also fear and pain. Seeing her in so much pain hurts. She is telling everyone it is ok, and it will be ok, but right now she can barely move. We had to start on morphine so she's out of herself right now.

But mainly I feel love, a lot of love. This powerful human being is still trying to send positivity around, and be there for others if she can.

Today Jessie and Tobias came to her bed with their medical toy kit. Jessie said she was the nurse, and Tobias wanted to be the doctor. They checked her heart rate, her lungs and her temperature. Gave her an injection and pills, and here you can see Tobias applying the "magic power cream" to her face.

Please send your love, support and healing power her way, she can use it. And if you have some magic power to send, send that too!


Click here to open the GoFundMe page that we have set up.

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