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Today Angele would have turned 35

8 years ago - Mojitos in Cuba

Today Angele would have turned 35. She always wanted to do something for her birthday, celebrate it somehow, and ideally with some form of a surprise! Me being me, the surprise part was always hard. Thinking of gifts even harder. Somehow I always sort of managed but the last few years life got a bit in the way. But still, there's plenty of memories of us celebrating her birthday over the last decade.

8 years ago in Cuba with a mojito on the beach and a surprise cake made by our hosts; 2 years ago with a small romantic dinner around the corner; 6 years ago I sent her a bouquet of flowers since I was still living in the Netherlands while Angele already moved to Malta.

And today I am not able to celebrate her birthday anymore, and busy preparing to celebrate her life. So, let's make that celebration something we will all remember and cherish forever.

If you have a picture, a quote, a message, a memory of Angele that you would like to share, please do! We are creating a massive video where we will combine all of your memories into one big slideshow of beautiful pictures. I created a website where you can send us your message and picture so we can include it. Regardless of if you come to the celebration or not, please share! We will include it in the video which will be shown during the celebration and shared online for everyone to see afterwards.

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