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Love is the very source of Life!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Recently I have been finding myself crying, not because of sadness or despair but purely out of love and gratitude for my life! I am exactly where I wished to be 8 months ago when I lay almost lifeless in a hospital bed. I now can walk, run, exercise, eat dinner at the table with my family, have a coffee with a friend, care fully for myself and my children and help others on their journey – I am living my best life. So, all this got me thinking about what was it that helped me on my journey here, what was it that gave me hope on my darkest nights, what was it that healed me? The answer is a LOVE for life!

As if in each of us

There once was a fire

And for some of us

There seem as if there are only ashes now

But when we dig in the ashes

We find one ember

And very gently we fan that ember

Blow on it, it gets brighter

And from that ember we rebuild the fire

Only thing that's important is that ember

That's what you and I are here to celebrate

Sit Around the Fire by Jon Hopkins featuring East Forest, Ram Dass

My near dead experience made me realize that in truth I do want to live. A flame inside of me started burning and I have since done a lot of work to make sure that that flame stays alive and strong, irrespective of the circumstances in my environment. I meditate daily, not to heal but solely to keep this fire running! I meditate, to open my heart to the amazing feeling of love that is within us and all around us. I surrender fully to the magical feeling of love so that survival emotions such as pain, greed and selfishness cannot exist.

Through my experience I learned that giving love and receiving love are equally beautiful! I also learned that there is no such thing as no love – if you look well enough you will realize that love is found in abundance in this world. Slow down and become aware of it.

Armed with this knowledge, I strive daily to let my spirit be guided by love. I strive to become love itself so that I am met with just more love.

Lots of love to you all <3


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