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Is tomorrow a school day?

Jessie and Tobias have started their new school adventure last week. And to say it's been a success is an understatement - they are having such a great time there! They are usually the last to leave (and the last to arrive but that's my fault), and they get to play, get dirty and run around all day long.

Jessie used to ask me quite often: "is tomorrow a school day?" and whenever I had to say yes she would be sad or grumpy. Last week on Tuesday she asked me the same question. While putting her to bed she whispered to me "is tomorrow a school day?" and, knowing her usual response, I hesitantly said "yes...". What followed was a heartwarming "Yay!!!"

And yesterday evening the same happened. A gentle whisper, followed by a magical smile.

So this is a thank you - thank you to everyone that made this possible. To everyone who donated at the website or at the celebration, to the other parents, and to Living Mindful Community Malta - this is exactly what they need right now!


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