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Gozo Retreat - Cultivating a Love for Life!

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I organised my first short retreat in Gozo between the 4th and the 7th of November 2022. I was simply facilitating an online course by Dr Joe Dispenza whereby we learn the science behind the mind-body connection and do meditations. In these 4 days we did over 5 hours of teachings and 12 hours of meditations. This was not your usual retreat where you have sporadic group activities and the rest of the time you chill with a drink by the pool, but it was an intensive weekend where participants were required to dedicate their full attention solely to the program. This was a time for participants to disconnect from their reality for a few days and focus on overcoming themselves.

All sessions were optional and amazingly all the group joined each session – even though this meant waking up at 03.45am to meditate! We did not meditate for just 15 minutes but for stretches of 75 minutes or more, still no one of the participants gave up mid-way a meditation. They had to overcome their body and control their mind – it was not easy, but they stuck with it! The result was that most of the participants had breakthroughs and could feel palpable changes in their inner environment.

The participants had a varied set of intentions, and the main ones included the following:

- Opening-up their hearts

- Achieving more wealth

- Feel a love for life

- Better health

- Overcoming suppressed emotions

Feedback shows some had suppressed emotions surface and being released, some created abundance and wealth, some opened their heart and felt immense gratitude and love for life and some others felt that they are physically embodying a healthier body!

As part of the retreat, we also included a challenge which signified that this work is simple in theory but in practice not easy. It is a simple concept that you need to take time to learn the science behind mind body connection and then meditate daily to achieve what you want in life BUT it is a struggle for most people to actually dedicate the time and effort to do this as a daily habit.

This retreat came to an end, but it initiated the participants on their journey doing this work! Ultimately it is the responsibility of everyone to do the work to achieve their goals – the power is within each of us, and we should never forget or give that away.

Next retreat

Next retreat will take place 27-30 April 2023.


Thank you for everything you did to make this retreat happen. I appreciate the energy and effort you put in to both manage logistics and to create a space where people from all walks of life came together and managed to have their own personal experience, a place without judgment or expectations . Each step of the retreat was well organised and also very intense, we pushed through our own limitations and boundaries and came out of it with a joyful heart and a balanced mind. The places where the walking mediations took place were stunning and filled us with immense gratitude . I really look forward to the next retreat!

Alina Popescu

13th November 2022

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