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UPDATE: Celebration of Angele's life


Location is confirmed to be Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta.

Dress code: colorful smart casual

Everyone is welcome, including children. We will be providing entertainment for them!

The celebration will include the following:

- small religious ceremony

- speeches

- videos and pictures with memories of Angele

- drinks and food

- music

Family and close friends will go to Mater Dei Hospital first where Angele's coffin will be closed. We will then leave as a corteo towards Mosta where we are expected to arrive between 15:30 and 16:00.

Angele's wish was to be cremated. The actual cremation will take place a few days after this celebration (in Sicily), so after the celebration we will be going back to Mater Dei.

If you wish to have more info, want to help out or reach out for any other enquiries, you can send an email to

Angele had quite clear ideas about what she wanted if she would pass away. We did not talk about this a lot, but when we did, the overarching theme was always to make sure it was an actual party. Where people would share stories, where people could let their emotions flow, and to celebrate together everything that Angele stood for.

It is really important for us that you let us know if you will attend. This is to make sure we can plan accordingly with regards to drinks, foods, seating, parking and all other logistics. For this I created a specific page on Angele's website - please register and join us in this unique last party for Angele.

All of this will take place in a beautiful setting where we can get a glimpse of the place where Angele used to love to do her walking meditations.

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