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Army of Kindness

When I started this journey, I used to do things mostly on my own. When it got harder, I got my husband and my children to support me. And when it got really hard, the army of kindness showed up.

It started with a simple staple. I was doing some tests and the nurse that asked for our test results gave them back nicely organized and with a staple instead of the unorganized bunch of papers we gave him. Then the most magical things started to happen. I got people that cook for me, that feed me, who help me drink. People that are figuring out what vegan cooking means.

People that go out of their way to make my daughter's birthday special.

People that carried my frail body to the toilet, people that washed me, and people who washed my hair, people who brushed my hair. People who held my head while I was throwing up in a bucket and people who wiped my face afterwards.

People offering discounts on medical bills, bills that are being paid out of nowhere. People who care for my children, and that love them the way I do. People who support my loved ones while they help me with all of this.

And then there's a whole army of people on standby to help out whenever they can. People that send me good vibes or pray for me from all over the world.

So when people tell me "be strong and courageous", I firmly say "I am" because my body is being held up by the army of kindness standing right behind me.

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