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Angele has left our world

This morning, just before 8, Angele passed away. Peaceful and quiet, surrounded by her family.

I wish I never would have to write these words, and I am still a bit lost for words, but Angele has left our world.

This morning during my meditation I knew. It was just after 6, but I felt it was about to happen. It was as if something ripped open my heart, and everything came out. Tears, screams, shouts. I might have scared some people around me but I couldn't contain it. And then when I came back to the hotel Antoinette told me.

Right now I am surrounded by a whole bunch of love and support. It is painful, it is surreal, it is heart breaking. Scary and sad. But, I also know that Angele will be in a better place soon. It is the last thing she told me: "I will be fine". And she will be. And so will I, and the children. But first we will have to pass through a lot of grief and pain which I will approach with as much positivity as humanly possible.

And talking about positivity: I don't know yet how, but Angele's message of positivity, our message of this, and trying to inspire people, I will continue with this somehow.

I am still in Vienna and will be flying back tomorrow morning. When I am back I will be determining what will be happening when and where, and will share more on that once I know.

Lots of love,


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