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Request for help - father's day

"When a man says he's gonna do it, you don't need to remind him every 6 months!"

The last few weeks many people have mentioned that if there's anything they can help with that I just need to tell them. So today I thought, let me work on that. The basics are generally taken care of: Angele has the care and help she needs, the children are going on their play dates after school and in the weekends, and every now and then I get to get some extra sleep. We have food, and plenty of people to help out in case I need them.

But there's a whole bunch of things in the back of my mind that need some attention as well. So, I've got a list. It is a random list, and some of these are more work than others. But these are things that are currently on my mind which would be great to somehow get rid of.

In random order, I need help with

- Chiropractor for my back pains

- Electrician to help out with regularizing our garage/basement for a permanent meter and normal water supply

- Selling BMW 530D 2004; but first it needs a steering issue to be fixed

- Fixing and selling BMW Z4

- Clearing front yard rubble and construction waste

- Re-plastering front yard wall

- My Maltese ID card expired

- Welder for some metal works regarding doors

- Sidewalk needs fixing

- We need yellow lines in front of our garage

- Wood lice - a non-chemical treatment to prevent them from entering our house

- Dutch accountancy services to fix some outstanding issues

I'm not asking for free services but help in getting these things fixed or arranged. But we don't have a lot of money either so selling those cars first might be a big help.

And a mini update on Angele: the last few days were relatively stable. She sleeps a lot, when she's awake she eats a lot and when she's awake when there's visitors around she really enjoys chatting a bit with them. It gets exhausting quite rapidly but it is amazing to see how much fun she has.

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