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Give me that sandwich!

As I mentioned last week, it ain't over till it's over. Since that night, Angele has made quite some steps forward. So let me start by describing this morning to you.

When I came to hospital Angele was still half asleep. I woke her a bit when announcing my arrival, and it was immediately clear that she was hungry. Upon the suggestion of a banana her face lit up. So Antoinette gave me a bowl with a quarter of a banana cut into small pieces which I gave to her, bite by bite. Finished - she wanted more. The second quarter went in, and then the 3rd, and just like that she finished a full banana. Next on the suggestions: yoghurt? No... Sandwich? Yes!

So Antoinette went and bought some fresh ingredients to make a double turkey-cheese sandwich. While waiting Angele inquired several times if Antoinette was indeed making her a sandwich.

And when it "finally" came, I started by giving her a tiny piece. And that was the moment that she literally grabbed it from my hand, and just started eating it all by herself, and finished it completely, followed by some orange juice and a full glass of water!

6 days ago she was completely somewhere else. She didn't talk, hardly interacted, still seemed to be in pain and was in a semi-sleep/semi-unconscious state which was quite worrying to see.

5 days ago there were some moments that she was awake. Confused, at times talking sense and at times talking nonsense. Aware of her environment at times but randomly looking around, seeing things we don't see.

And since then, every day there has been some form of improvement. More awareness, more alertness, more food, some short conversations.

Today I did not see her random stare into nothingness. Today I actually talked a bit with her. And today she grabbed a sandwich from my hand.

It is all still quite fragile and we're looking at it day by day, but I'm already working on the next steps.

I want to get Angele back home. Get her a fancy electric bed, make sure we have her needs covered, get the professional care and help we need, and most of all make sure that she gets back to her own environment so she has an even better chance of recovering from all of this.

I am seeing a little miracle in the making and together with all of you who are giving us so much support and help already I believe we can make this happen!

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